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Fertilization Services

Want the enjoyment of a beautiful landscape without all the hassel? We can help! We have the personnel, tools and expertise to keep your landscape healthy and looking its best.

Our experienced Turf Professional will:

  • Perform a free evaluation of your lawn's health

  • Identify any weeds or insect & disease problems

  • Advise you on the proper mowing heights and watering

  • Make a recommendation of services needed to help your lawn be a healthy lush green

Our full line of Lawn Care Services include:

Environmentally Friendly Approach

  • We believe that, as an industry focused on plant health, it is our responsibility to do what is right for the environment. We strive to use environmentally friendly products that have zero negative impact on the environment when used properly. All of our technicians are licensed by the Texas Dept. of Agriculture.


  • We offer fertilization for all things green. From lawns to trees and shrubs to flowers, we can tailor a program to fit your needs. Our slow release fertilizers are custom blended to maximize plant health while minimizing waste and environmental impact.

Weed Control

  • While a thick healthy lawn is the best weed control, we understand that this is not always enough. We start by targeting weeds before they germinate. This will significantly reduce the number of weeds that appear and competition with desirable plants. Those weeds that do manage past that barrier are addressed with an application of post emergent specific to the turf type and weed pest.

Insect Management

  • Nothing can ruin your outdoor fun more quickly than an insect chewed lawn or a mound of fire ants. We offer service to control a wide variety of pests including fire ants, chinch bugs, grub worms, and many more. Our licensed technicians will diagnose and treat pest issues and minimize occurrences using an IPM (Integrated Pest Management) approach.

Disease Management

  • Like any living thing, plants are susceptible to a number of diseases. Brown patch and take all patch can quickly overtake a St. Augustine lawn and cause yellowing or browning of turf. Our turf expert can diagnose and treat disease and recommend preventative measures when disease pressure is high. We also offer irrigation services to help manage landscape moisture.

Lawn Aeration

  • The purpose of a lush lawn is to enjoy it. Unfortunately, the use of the lawn can cause compaction of the soil and hinder root systems from gathering much needed food and water. Lawn aeration solves this problem by removing small cores of earth. This allows air, water, and food to better penetrate the root zone and provides a more lush, green lawn.

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