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Landscape Design

We have an experienced team that is equipped with all the tools needed to design your dream landscape. Your project begins with an on-site design consultation and together we consider existing conditions and discuss your particular goals and vision. We’ll help you determine the best use of your outdoor space and provide options based on your lifestyle and personal preferences.


Our plans are drawn to scale and show the placement of plants, paths, irrigation, patios, walls, etc.   We even offer the option of 3D Design to help you imagine the possibilities!


Our Design Center serves as a showcase for you to see examples of various plant materials, potential outdoor accessories including patio furniture, concrete colors and stamp patterns, water features, stone samples and more. This will help you visualize your landscape and customize to your needs.


Whether you are starting your landscape from scratch or renovating an existing landscape, we can prepare a landscape design to meet your needs from start to finish.


Contact us today to schedule a time to meet with one of our designers!

Consultation & Design Fees:


We have a $250.00 consultation fee to meet with one of our designers-estimators-irrigators.  This consultation meeting includes site visit(s), discussion of project scope & details with the client, and site assessment (measurements, photography, basic topography, etc).  Payment for this fee, by check, or credit card, is due at the time of the meeting.


Most projects will require preparation of a landscape or irrigation design plan.  After the consultation meeting, an estimate of the design fee will be prepared for you. Your designer-estimator will discuss details of the design fee with you.

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